Hi. I’m Abby.

I’m a tall girl from a small town. My favorite show is Wheel Of Fortune. I’m the best singer in my car, and I know a lot of random facts about dinosaurs because my kid is obsessed with them.

I’m a creative individual who has worn a lot of hats within my career. From production and design to concept strategy, and pitches, I’ve worked every step from start to finish. I enjoy trying new techniques, constantly honing my skills, and being pretty upbeat, even working late on a weekend. I know my way around Creative Suite like nobody’s business. I work hard and play hard because, in my mind, work is play.

I share adventures with my amazing husband and our two boisterous kids. We make up silly songs about anything, and spend a lot of time outdoors. I’m a baker and an amateur photographer, so I unabashedly have a lot of fancy photos of food.

Why Bigfoot? Bigfoot is described as a large, bipedal humanoid ranging from six to ten feet tall, with red or brown fur/hair. I’m tall, bipedal and I have auburn hair. Technically, that makes me Bigfoot. In reality, the real Bigfoot is better at hide-and-seek than I am.