HMK 1910

As Design Lead for Hallmark’s innovation store HMK 1910, I helped build the branding, retail signage, window displays and pop-up shop experiences for all three store locations. This work was done for Hallmark Cards Inc.

Stepping into the role of Design Lead for Hallmark Cards’ newest concept store, I took the basic foundation of the HMK 1910 logo and evolved it to a comprehensive brand. This included style guides, voice, shopper personifications, social media, and digital marketing. The expansion provided growth for all collateral including social media and marketing.
Diving into consumer appreciation for storytelling and artistry, the brand focused on ‘Local’ shopping experiences. Vignettes tell the story of how each artisan built their products helping the consumers see the emotional connection with each item. A sub brand icon helped customers identify artisan crafted products within the store.
To create a more diverse and culturally relevant experience within HMK 1910, we developed a Studio Ink Pop-up shop within the front of store. Working with the existing brand and incorporating it into the shop environment, we created a unique shop within a shop. Utilizing magnetic shelving and graphics to be completely changeable on demand.
Opening new stores for the HMK concept allowed flexibility for displays and environments based on store geography. By placing all customization within the consumer’s view, they became a part of the creation process for customizable products. The story specialists’ work area was decorated with hand drawn chalkboard art in the brand style and voice.