Honesty moment:
I have never finished a sketchbook, cover to cover… Until now.

I know it’s a waste, and if you combine the sketches and notes from all of them into one journal, I would have multiple completed. There’s just something in me that loves the blank slate. That’s why I’m so excited to have finished my first, cover to cover.

I like Moleskine journals for my doodling and sketching needs. I find the 9 x 14’s with the Art Plus pages to be best for my pens and inks. I like the thickness of the pages, and the way it takes the ink for the most part. It scans well, and when you want, you can lay it flat to utilize both pages in a spread.

In our home, there are Moleskines tucked into nooks all over. In the past, if I felt compelled to doodle, I’d just grab one. The unofficial rule is that you should always carry a sketchbook with you… but I’m either a rule breaker, or just plain forgetful. When I started my latest #365Project, I was travelling a lot for work and family events. This forced me to keep one of my Moleskine journals with me at all times. Soon, it became like my shadow, and I was taking it to work with me every day, even if I didn’t have time to take it out of my bag. I adorned it with a trusty sticker, and it became a totem for me. Last week, I filled in the final page… 

I plan on keeping up with the momentum, I’ve already begun working in my latest Moleskine and continue to carry it with me. I even added another sticker to it to keep with the theme of the last one. We shall see what happens…

Moleskine Journals by Abby Sweet