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I’ve been obessed with seeing fellow artists using Procreate on the iPad pro this past year. To say I wanted to get my hands on one was an understatement. I began saving and preparing to upgrade my 5-year-old iPad mini, which proved harder than originally thought; especially when you have a toddler who grows at the speed of light. In January, we discovered the latest edition standard iPad was compatible with the first gen Apple Pencil, AND Procreate!

I’m hooked. I thought I’d use it for my hand-lettering, but fate intervened. My 2-year-old is obsessed with all things dinosaurs and zoo animals, which became an inspiration for quick doodles to get a good laugh out of her. I reignited an old flame of my past self, and I’ve been ‘doodling’ every chance I get.


I haven’t been posting, and I haven’t updated the site in longer than I’d like to admit. I’ve been working on a HUGE project, and it recently came to life. Pun intended.

My husband and I recently welcomed a healthy, happy, baby girl into our lives. Everyone, meet Lola. She’s pretty badass. We’re still figuring out the schedule around the tiny human, so I hope to get back to updating things soon!

I like to doodle during meetings, and lately I’ve had the same sketchbook handy while doing so, and this group of sketches have come to life. Random brain dump… aka, weirdness. I think my favorite is the waffle section. I’d rock a shirt that said ‘the syrup runs deep’ on it; I might have to make that come to life. #meetingnotes

Lately I’ve been obsessed with #neon. Half of my appreciation comes from the amazing skill it takes to actually make the delicate and bold messages out of glass and gas. Apparently the trade of ‘tube bending’ is not as big as it once was. I’d honestly LOVE to take a stab at making my own sign one day, but I know my chances of that happening are slim to none.

Artists, historians and preservationists are fighting to save neon, and I sincerely hope they keep it alive and well. You can learn all about how it came to be, and how it exists today in the amazing TUBE BENDERS episode from 99% Invisible.

It takes two to make a thing go right
It takes two to make it outta sight
Hit it!

I dare you not to dance/sing along to these…

Find a few songs that get you feeling the groove and keep them in your arsenal. Music is so cathartic, and healing. If you ever get the opportunity, take 15-20 minutes to research music and the affect it has on the human brain. It’s amazing what causes those synapses to fire! Who knows what will pop into your head when they do.