Eccentricity by Dalton Ridenhour

Longtime childhood friend and pianist, Dalton Ridenhour, is making his mark on the New York scene by playing ragtime, stride and New-Orleans-style piano. You can purchase his solo album now on iTunes.

Ply Gem ProVantage

Designed for the Ply Gem ProVantage Loyalty Program providing sales tools, training and education for sales representatives.


1500 Vinyl Collection

Featuring all the selling tools included in home selling kits, brochures and individual product sell sheets catered to builders, homeowners and sales representatives.

Blacktop Holiday Hank Card

The Blacktop Creative Holiday card. Inspired by the philosophy that everyone is creative.

SelectFit Window System by Ply Gem Windows

The SelectFit Window system created for Ply Gem Windows in Lowes retail stores.