I’ve been a huge fan of the #365Projects for many years. One year, I did a photo project where I made myself take one photo a day that I’d be happy to place in a frame. Another year, I did an illustration a day. This year, I took myself out of my comfort zone and tackled lettering. I’m not all the way through the year, but I already have decided this was my favorite project. Lettering art is so beautiful, and the artists I admire are so inspirational and talented.

Bonus points: I got to meet one of my favorite lettering artists, Jessica Hische.

I’m not the most technical with my learning, and I really should start forcing myself to become more structured in my learning. I can see improvement, and I can’t wait to see the before and after at the end of the year. You can see my progress here.

Finding inspiration as a creative can be hard… Sometimes we’re inspired by imagery, fellow artists, or even the world around us. I find myself drawing inspiration from color, lately. Below are a few of my online discoveries this week.


Sometimes you just need a little pick me up… #rallycry #getit #igotthis


There’s this thing I like to do at work…

I like to share inspiration sites with my creative team via email. I try for once a week, sending out a fellow creative’s website, a design blog, or even a tutorial. It forces me to stay on top of trends, and keep my mind in a good creative space. So, why don’t I do this on the blog? Enjoy…


I love spring for the simple fact that flowers seem to pop out of nowhere.