Hi, my name is Abby. I’m 6 feet tall and my favorite show is Wheel Of Fortune. I’m the best singer in my car, I’d jump on Oprah’s retired couch for you, and I know a lot of random facts about peanut butter.

Resident Sascquatch

I’m a creative individual who has worn a lot of hats within my career. From production and prepress to concept and creative pitches, I have run the gamut. I enjoy trying out new techniques, constantly honing my skills and I’m probably the most upbeat person you’ll meet working late on a weekend. I know my way around Creative Suite like nobody’s business. I work hard and play hard, because in my mind, work is play.

I might also be the legendary Bigfoot. Bigfoot is usually described as a large, bipedal humanoid ranging from six to ten feet tall, with red or brown fur/hair. I’m tall, bipedal and I have auburn hair. Technically, that makes me Bigfoot. In reality, the real Bigfoot is better at hide and seek than I am.

In my free time I’m a photographer, play the ukulele, and rock climb. I also have a blog for my baking and food adventures. In my free time, I like to hang out with my roommate, also lovingly referred to as my husband, Jim who amazingly puts up with my shenanigans

If you are dying to know more you can contact me on LinkedIn.